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020 - C'est si Bon Spritz… (December 2019)


When we think about our summer holidays, we often think of a nice moment, in family or with Friends: the aperitif! whether it is on the terrace of the bar or restaurant, or on the pitch before the barbecue, what more friendly moment than this glass taken, giving a well-being and tranquility  feeling... the holidays!

So we imagined for you an iced cocktail served as a variation of an Italian beverage, combining the bitterness of Campari and the freshness of the bubbles : the Spritz "C'est si Bon"

Why C’est si Bon ? because this small group of campsites is a partner of Veuve Amiot, in Saumur which offers, among other products, Saumur Brut Cuvée Réservée and, for the alcohol-free version, the very pleasant Zero degrés.

Spritz Veneziano is an original cocktail that appeared in the region of Venice during the Austrian domination. The soldiers used to mix white wine with sparkling water. Today, Spritz recipe is a blend of sparkling white wine such as prosecco, seltzer water or Schweppes Tonic Original and Aperol or Campari.


How to make a Spritz "C'est si Bon"?


If you do not have a mesurer, you can rely on the rule of proportions: 1/3 of Campari and 2/3 of Saumur Brut "Cuvée Réservée" and finally a line of Schweppes Tonic Original.

All you have to do is mix all of these ingredients straight into a three-quart filled with ice cubes wineglass and decorate with a slice of orange.

Drink carefully, of course, since Alcohol is dangerous for your health.

And what about the non-alcoholic version?

We replaced the Campari with grapefruit juice, and therefore the "Cuvée Réservée" by Zero degree. Finally, it will be more pleasant to finish with Perrier, to soften the whole ...

Cheers !


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