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Natural environment

Périgord Vert, Regional Natural Park... We take care of our planet, because every little bit helps

Your camping goes green.     

With its location in the Périgord Limousin Regional Nature Park, in the part that is called Périgord Vert, Château le Verdoyer has chosen for the combination of investing in the protection of the environment and the development of its natural space.
For a number of years already, our campsite has been succesfully working on this. Our efforts were rewarded by obtaining - every year since 2006 - the label "The Green Key" and - since 2015 - the Label Biorismo.

As part of these efforts, we must make a number of commitments:

  • As part of the environmental protection, your campsite practices waste separation, uses recyclable bags, LED or solar lights and has installed water savers.
  • We installed "timers" to limit the duration of the shower.
  • Our cleaning team also uses biological cleaning products.
  • Information panels and our welcome booklet explain how everyone can help us in our ecological approach, so that everyone participates.
  • We have installed an electric vehicle charging socket.

Nevertheless, as favourable as these actions are for the environment, they only carry limited weight in terms of promoting the values of nature. Château le Verdoyer further develops its natural setting on-site and aims at growing children's awareness in respect to the environment. Which is why

  • We installed bird houses and insect hotels
  • We install signs to help kids discover the species of trees and plants in the field
  • Activities on the theme of nature are organized with the Natural Park and the Lenny Club.
  • A wild orchids discovery trail runs through the campsite
  • Our maintenance teams leave "squares for biodiversity". This means they leave a grass area alone for a whole season, so it can fully develop its vegetation, without intervention. So no mowing, no fertilizer and no pesticides. This should allow fowers and plants to develop naturally, which in turn enables the animal species that are linked to the vegetaion, to settle, thus forming a small ecosystem. A paradise of wildflowers and butterflies.


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