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Good news: Chef Bader will be on the trip again...
below are some examples of what we have served in 2022...


  • 3 courses menu : first + main + dessert = 24€
  • 2 courses menu : first + main      or       main + dessert = 18€
  • 2 courses "light" menu : first + dessert = 14€


This menu changes according to the market, the mood of the Chef or even how late it is. It is priced at € 24, but some extras of 3 or 4€ can be added on some dishes!

We work as much as possible with fresh and seasonal products, found from local producers, and the majority of our dishes are homemade.

Some dishes may contain allergens, ask us at your arrival.

= Half a portion of a dish from the menu for half the price (Except certain dishes such as Duckleg or Burger)


Assiette de Saint Saud

A selection of products from the Farm "L'Autruche Périgourdine" in Saint Saud Lacoussière, 1.5km from the campsite

Pâté de Bison, Rillettes d'Autruche, Chorizo de Bœuf et Saucisse de Veau au Roquefort
€ 14.00 € 7.00

Assiette Périgord

Salad of homecandied duck gizzards, slices of dried duck breast, and peace of semi-cooked duck foie gras

€ 10.00 € 5.00

Entrée Végétarienne

Salad made with market vegetables, or Plate of marinated and grilled vegetables, or other, according to the Chef's mood

€ 10.00 € 5.00

Terrine Maison de Foie gras

2 slices of semi-cooked foie gras, gingerbread toast, stewed shallots

€ 13.00 € 6.50

Tomate Mozzarella

The classical, vegetarian, served with green salad

€ 10.00 € 5.00

Carpaccio de Boeuf

Thin slices of Beef, Pesto and Parmesan

€ 10.00 € 5.00

Chausson de Saint Jacques

Scallops in puff pastry, cream sauce

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€ 12.00 € 6.00

Oeuf Croustillant façon Florentine

Breaded soft-boiled egg, fried and served on a spinach and cheese sauce

€ 10.00 € 5.00

Salade de Croquettes Lorraine

Mixed Salad: Crusty Lardons Croquettes, vegetables

€ 11.00 € 5.50

Salade Piquillos, chèvre et Saumon Gravlax

Piquillos (candied peppers) stuffed with fresh goat cheese, Served with Salmon Gravlax and Salad

€ 10.00 € 5.00


Burger de Bœuf du Périgord

Beef burger, Trappe d'Echourgnac cheese, pan-fried foie gras, served with fries

€ 18.00

Magret d'Oie ou de Canard

Goose or duck breast from Périgord, depending on availability, sauce of your choice

€ 15.00 € 7.50

Omelette aux Cèpes

The star of the Mushrooms, picked up on site, and served in an omelet

€ 13.00 € 6.50

Pavé de Saumon

Salmon steak, Herbs and Lemon sauce, rice

€ 14.00 € 7.00

Vegetarian dish

Following the Chef's inspiration: Risotto with vegetables or mushrooms, Stuffed courgette...

€ 14.00 € 7.00

Carbonnade Flamande

From the Chef's homeland (North of France), a delicious dish combining black beer, beef and gingerbread... served with fries, of course

€ 14.00 € 7.00

Fajitas de Légumes

Fajitas of Grilled Vegetables, Feta and Tofu

€ 12.00

Gratiné de Poulet au Chèvre et Miel

Pieces of farmers Périgord chicken, cream sauce and Goat cheese

€ 14.00

Panier de Chili sin carne

In a basket of country bread, a vegetarian version of Chili

€ 15.00

Pâtes de Brantômes

Artisanal pasta from the Venise du Périgord, Carbonara Classic

€ 14.00 € 7.00

Pièce du Boucher

Piece of meat selected for you, according to availability, sauce of your choice

Pavé de Boeuf, Escalope de veau ou Pièce d'Agneau
€ 15.00 € 7.50


Assiette de Fromages

3 cheeses and a bunch of green salad... to end the meal on a savory note

Brie, Roquefort et Trappe d'Echourgnac à la liqueur de noix
€ 10.00 € 5.00

Café Gourmand

3 mini desserts served with a coffee, or a tea, or other...

€ 10.00 € 5.00

Crème Brûlée maison

Homemade Creme brulee with vanilla

€ 7.00

Pastry or cake

Depending on arrival: walnut and apple pie, lemon and sugar pie or Basque cake

€ 7.00 € 3.50

Homemade Tiramisu

The star of the desserts

€ 7.00

Crumble de Fruits

Season fruits in crumble

€ 7.00

Cœur coulant au Chocolat

Flowing heart with chocolate and speculoos

€ 7.00


Chou pastry, vanilla ice cream, almonds, speculoos and mint

€ 8.00

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