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Around the Campsite, the Périgord Vert

The Périgord Vert, lung of the Dordogne

during the 4 seasons !

Nestled in the heart of the "Parc Naturel Régional Périgord Limousin", who works for many years now to highlight touristic sites such as the Saut du Chalard in Champs Romain (3km from the campsite), or different walkingpath in the aera of Saint Pardoux la Rivière.


Château le Verdoyer can be used as a central point in the discovery of the Périgord Vert visiting tiny villages such as Brantôme, Saint Jean de Côle or Saint Saud. Enjoy the Château de Puyguilhem in Villars, the Château de Bourdeilles, the caves of Villars or Teyjat...

Watch the know-how of the coutelliers de Nontron (knivemakers) or the Feuillardiers chestnut workers : they build very strange cabins in the woods : open your eyes !

Taste finally all the gastronomical specialities of the Périgord Vert : Honey in Saint Saud, Bizon and Ostrich in Saint Saud, Foie Gras in Brantôme and Leguillac de Cercle, Saffron in Champs Romain or fruitjuices in Firbeix.

The Nature in all seasons

The Château le Verdoyer is located in the southern part of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin. In these lush and rolling landscapes, nature and traditions are preserved. In all seasons, the park invites you to discover its many faces and changing nature.
The Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin extends from the limousin area in the north, to the St Pardoux la Rivière region, south of it. This southern part, where Château le Verdoyer is located, is surrounded by the plates landscapes of Jumilhac, cut by deep wooden valleys, and the perigordian valleys in the west.

A flowerfull Spring

This limestone region, where alternate dry fields, wetlands or forests, is especially conducive to wild orchids.
If, depending on the species, these orchids can be admired from early spring to late summer (the spiranthe d'automne, you can find in the region, blooms in september as its name suggests), the best season is without any doubt the spring (early May - mid-June), season during which the orchids are at their peak of flowering.
We can find dozens of species in the area, among which the Orphys Abeille (photo), Orphys Araignée, Orchis Pyramidale, Orchis Bouffon, Cephalanthère à longues feuilles, Orchis tachetée, Serapias Langue or Orchis Moucheron.

To see these orchids, be patient and pay attention during your walks around the campsite. However, to maximize your chances to see them, do not hesitate to ask us or to visit the "Circuit des Orchidées" starting in St Pardoux la Rivière. From April to mid-June, there are along this trail, about 22 species of orchids.
This route, which passes through the villages of Champs Romain, Milhac de Nontron, Saint-Front-la-Rivière, can be done by car or bicycle. Boards signs indicates where to find flowers...
For more information, please contact the Tourist Office of St Pardoux la Rivière.

Many lakes to cool down in the Summer

Water is an essential part of the parc naturel Périgord – Limousin.
In addition to the many rivers that run (the Dronne, the Cole, the Bandiat or the donkey's tail around the Château le Verdoyer ), the park counts more than 4000 ponds.
These are often open for swimming, water sports or fishing.
Near the Château Verdoyer, you will discover a beautiful walk that takes you to the very nice waterfall called the saut du Chalard.
A site very refreshing on hot summer days.
A little furher, in Miallet, you can enjoy the barrage of Miallet.
This artificial barrier, created in 1993 on the Dronne, is classified sensitive natural area. A trail goes all around (about 9 km for the complete tour).
To appreciate this superb natural environment. Do not forget your binoculars since you can admire the many birds that stay on the banks of the reservoir : herons, mallards, grebes huppés etc
The grues cendrées, in particular, are visible at the time of migration.
To complete your discovery of the nature, the Cité Découverte Nature welcomes you to Miallet.
For swimming and water sports, the area of the Nouailles (in Nontron) and the water recreation lake of Saint-Saud-Lacoussière welcome you. So does the Dronne where you can indulge in the joys of canoeing (in Brantôme).

the Automne gourmand

The park is an area where tradition, like nature, is preserved.
And in the Périgord, the tradition is often associated with good food.
Among the specialties included on the territory of the park , we can find honey, mushrooms (especially the Cèpe) or chestnuts.
If man can enjoy many of the Périgord specialties throughout the year, the fall and its warm colors often the best period to taste these specialties.
Thus, while walking in the woods around the campsite, you will have the opportunity to collect mushrooms (provided you know mushrooms ... otherwise see and ask specialists), but if you prefer tasting than picking up, you will not miss the fête du Cèpe et du Veau sous la Mère in Saint-Saud-Lacoussière, a day that also gives you the opportunity to taste this delicious mushroom.
In autumn, the park sets up programs related to food and wine tastings :festivals are multiplying around the campsite Château le Verdoyer.
A brand "Produit du Parc naturel régional Périgord-Limousin®" has been created for the honey produced on the park and consideration is taken to extend this brand to other products such as chestnut.
So do not miss the opportunity to come and taste the "Périgordian Fall".


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