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019 - with Chocolate… (october 2017)

Chicken breast with chocolate sauce, a mixture of sweet, sour and salt and besides very easy to prepare.

Preparation time: 15 minutes - Cooking time: 30 minutes
Ingredients (4 people): 4 chicken breasts - 10g cinnamon - 15g cocoa powder - 1/4 litre of chicken stock - 15g brown sugar - concentrated tomato paste - 1 onion - 15cl cream - olive oil


Brown the chicken breasts for 10 minutes in olive oil.

Prepare the chicken stock.

When boiling, tur, off the heat and add the tomato paste.

Put the chopped onion in a pan, sprinkle with cocoa, cinnamon and sugar.

Add the stock and the chicken breasts.

Cook on low heat for approx 20 minutes.

Add the cream and let thicken for 2 min


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