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014 – Apple Juice and Jam (October 2016)

The Vergers d’Antan…

The « Vergers d’Antan » is a small farm of 18 hectares including 2 orchards, located in Firbeix  in the heart of  Périgord Limousin Natural Park.

Philippe FRANCOIS, the farm manager, is settled since 25 years in this lovely farmhouse facing the bell tower of this beautiful village.

Around the farm, you will find the orchards and gardens: they do plant "smart: ; as blueberries are planted next to the currants, which themselves will be planted next to the raspberries, for good and natural reasons : indeed some varieties will attract certain insects that would harm other species ...

Take the small path to walk around the property, between the ponds and fields, through the peach or Pear  orchards …

The fruits are mostly from local varieties, traditional, rustic and cultivated with nature friendly methods.

Harvest fruit when fully ripe will keep all the authenticity and flavor of a farm product in order to offer quality products with the real taste of the fruit.

All fruits are processed on site, turned into juices, jams, jellies, vinegars and spices.

Our favorites:

Apple Raspberry Juice: fresh, delicious refreshment! And mixed with Cointreau and a dash of lemon, it will make a nice aperitif on a warm summer evening... attention to alcohol abuse!

Quince jam: the classic of the classic. A unique flavor that we marry sometimes with … Foie gras !

There are also some peculiarities made of flowers. The acacia flower jelly, for example, is a great product. It’s made out of acacia flowers infused in water, with a little bit of sugar and pectin.

So come and visit the Vergers d’Antan yourself to discover the treasures of nature!


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