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007 - Coupe Périgord Limousin (september 2015)

For once, not really a recipe, but the presentation of a popular dessert : the Coupe "Périgord Limousin”, named after the Regional Natural Park, where we find the products entering its composition.

it is a marriage of four flavors of ice cream and sorbet with four alcohols produced in Limoges, on the principle of the famous “Trou Normand”, the "pause" in our banquet ...

The Perfumes:
Strawberry Sorbet, like the Strawberry of the Perigord, served with the “Fruitier” : aperitif made of 6 red fruits we find in our woods: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant and Cherry

Apple sorbet, as the Pomme du Limousin, sprinkled with Calvados, only product not regional, but well suited ...

Chestnut Ice, autumnal dry fruit, very common in our forests, accompanied by Chestnut Liqueur.

Walnut Ice, also a protected variety here in Perigord and “Vin de Feste”. Vin de Feste is a drink created to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the death of Richard the Lion Heart, reproducing the wine as it was drunk at the time ... a very original aperitif.


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