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Reeds to clean.

Do you know about Phyto -purification ?

This was the big winter 2014 project at Chateau le Verdoyer : it is an ecological wastewater treatment system using natural reeds as a filter.

Compared to conventional solutions this allows the soil the opportunity to cleanse the waste water - the water reed filters return clean water to the ground.

The reeds host bacteria that will eliminate the waste materials and produce a natural liquid compost. All this is achieved without any side effects ... as there is no fermentation, there is no risk of smells. And it looks completely natural.

Moreover, the reeds moving in the wind will "stir" the layer of materials, thus improving its oxidation, allowing the good bacteria to do their job...

Over the years, our facility requested an update, upgrading to the traditional system ... so we opted for this innovative system – this method has now proven its efficiency as more and more campsites, schools or even villages choose to use the reeds!

The law authorizes us to use this technique as the results are excellent. The discharged, clean water will be regularly tested by the authorized department and, of course by us to ensure that the new system is working effectively.

Take a moment to walk around the ‘Fields of Reeds’ and ask to look at the pictures of the works, which are displayed in a book at the reception.


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