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Communauté de Communes du Périgord Vert

The villages of the "Périgord Vert"

The Kawan Village of the Périgord Vert is situated in the heart of a community composed by six villages that live on the rhythm of the rural life. We propose you to go and explore these villages filled with history and traditions.

Champs Romain

The Kawan Village Château le Verdoyer is to be found within the community of Champs Romain. The little village with 330 inhabitants owes its name to the fusion of two villages: Champs and Romain. A church was founded with around it the village that has expanded since.
In the community of Champs Romain you can visit the lovely stream of Chalard with its waterfall. Discover a field of saffron or play some rural golf on the seven holes track.


It’s in Miallet where the Cité Découverte Nature is to be found, where you can gather information about the nature of the Périgord Vert, as well as the average living conditions in the beginning of the century that has been reconstructed there.
This nice village exists of 700 inhabitants with within a church and a town hall.
Not far from Miallet there is a barrage made that provides for a vast pond during a walk, useful for pick nicks and the observation of birds, especially during the periods of migration.

Milhac de Nontron

Milhac de Nontron is a little village with 600 inhabitants.
In the centre you can admire a 12th century church building from the Templar period.
Walking around in the village makes you discover very beautiful housing, brick build, with also a charming fountain.
Amateur horsemen can find the stables of Milhac where they can ride on horses and ponies.

Saint Front la Rivière

The village square of Saint Front la Rivière, with its light yellow brick façades and its beautiful church, is without a doubt one of the more remarkable things within the community.
With the three castles, spread over the terrain of the community (the château du Canneau of the 19th century, the château du Pommier of the 15th century and also the château Saulnier of the 13th century), she represents the principal interest of the village.

Saint Pardoux la Rivière

The best view on Saint Pardoux la Rivière is to be found on the hills above the viaduct over the old track that these days crosses the green road which connects St Pardoux with Thiviers. From those heights you also have a nice view on the decorated church with the beautiful sundial in the centre of the village.
With its 1200 inhabitants, St. Pardoux is a dynamic village and that shows particularly at the local celebration ‘Spardos’, which takes place during the summer. At this occasion, the roads are overgrown with people coming for the market at night, with various concerts on all corners of the village.

Saint Saud Lacoussière

However much the neighbors in St. Saud own a nice church, it is not located in the centre of the village.
In fact, the restaurants and commerce make the village lively.
This place is known for ‘la fête du Cèpe’ that is being organized every year in October.
This celebration is devoted to the cep and attracts a vast amount of visitors to St. Saud.

Just outside the village there is a nice swimming lake located.


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