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The Moulin de Lapeyre

The knives and old crafts of the Moulin de Lapeyre

Cabinetmaker, furniture manufacturer and passionate about the art of the knife, François Devige gave a new youth to the mill of Lapeyre, in Saint-Estèphe, not far from the Château le Verdoyer. In this place, the works of the past come alive around a traditional cutlery. Thus was born the knive called "Le Périgord". Let us guide you through this timeless place.

Abandoned for years, the mill of Lapeyre, near the Grand Étang Saint-Estèphe, came back to life last summer under the leadership of François Devige. This knive maker, who had already practiced his art in Nontron before, decided to install here his workshop a few years ago. Today there are produced many knives "le Périgord" which are sold in several shops in the region. He also organized and hosted old crafts around the mill, and opened to the public in summer 2017. It took him 12 years to set up this project. Twelve years during which he was busy rehabilitating the former water mill and then build a forge, a knives workshop but also a press for olive oil and flour. All these products are now sold on site in he boutique. In the near future, he plans to install in these old buildings a leather workshop and a clog maker.

The centerpiece of this village is the mill, rebuilt with pieces gathered or (re)manufactured by him. It appears, beautifully renovated, among the old buildings. It is still used to press and make flour or olive oil as well as operate the forge where knives blades are made. Indeed, besides the visit of this village of crafts, you may discover during the visit of the Mill of Lapeyre, all the secrets of creation of the very beautiful knives "le Périgord". All ? maybe not... almost all.
As some elements of these knives are protected by patents and François Devige still keeps secret some steps of the manufacture of them. But you will learn enough to appreciate the finesse of work and craftsmanship of these knives. Even if the company keeps growing and produces more than 12,000 pieces a year!

The visit of the Moulin de Lapeyre is a nice journey through older times and a way to rediscover works of yesteryear. Including through an exhibition of old tools where you can have fun trying to find the utility of some objects now disappeared.

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