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Miallet - around the lake


In a rather rainy February, a nice sunny day has inspired us to "test" a new ballad en famille : we opted for a tour of the lake of Miallet (12km away from the campsite).

Created in 1993 over the Cole river thanks to a dam, the lake occupies an area of 77 ha with 5,000,000 m3 of water and thus helps to regulate the Dronne river downstream.
Despite its artificial origin, the lake of Miallet became a privileged site for waterfowl. As its size gives a visual " mirror effect " and it is located on the north -east / south -west European migration route, the water is, from a geographical point of view, ideally placed as a stopover for migratory birds.
Balance point between preserving the natural environment and supplying water for the agriculture,  the dam allows local agricultural development and recreational activities for the public to live together.

The lake is completely surrounded by a service path. It is relatively flat so ideal for hiking with young children, “en famille”. The 9km are perfectly trimed for biking or hiking.
2 adults, a 10 year old child and a young dog, we completed the tour in less than 2 hours. Some pictures will give you a good idea of this walk, which should be even more beautiful with the colors of the spring and summer !

A part of the path, from the main dam to Mamont has been turned into an interpretive trail, in order to make the hiker aware of the natural richness of the area, especially the birds.

An observation point has been built on the bank of the lake for birdwatching.

Bring your binoculars!


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