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Feathers at château le Verdoyer

Before sunrise, whether you want it or not, a merry chorus will wake you up at Château le Verdoyer!

These artists are the Blackbirds, Blackcaps and Wrens, the quietest amongst them; the Turtledoves are a little noisier with their cooing!

All day long, you may see the Goldfinches fussing around, along with Chaffinches, Redstarts and the appropriately named Greenfinches.

Our north European guests might also recognize the Firecrests and the Serins.

If you are very lucky, you may be dazzled by the colourful Kingfisher flying over the fishinglake, where both the amateur and the expert could also meet a Melodious Warbler or two.

During your walks out of the campsite, don’t forget to pay attention to the telegraph wires, since it’s on these improvised roosts that the Bee-eaters,  Stonechats, Yellowhammers and Red Backed Shrikes gather to whistle at passers-by.

The sky is well frequented by Buzzards, Kestrels and sometimes Hobbies and the experts amongst you will also recognize Honey Buzzards as well as Montagu’s Harriers, which are becoming more and more scarce in northern Europe, but still occasionally hunt here above the fields.

The woods are full of Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Jays, Wood Warblers and Golden Orioles…..and if you pay attention, you may even meet a Hoopoe.

We won’t forget to introduce you to the Nuthatches living in the highest trees surrounding the site, as well as the Grey Wagtails, nesting above the plentiful rivers and brooks of the Perigord Vert.

If you want to know more about it…..open your eyes and ears…

Oh yes … I almost forgot! Don’t be too scared if, around midnight, you hear a loud screech! It’s our one and only Barn Owl, living in the loft of the castle who goes hunting from dusk till dawn.
You can sleep well, though, because she’s actually watching over you all…

Thank you to R. COHEN RODIQUES for the nice pictures


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