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Champs Romain - Walking to the Saut du Chalard

Sometimes people think that they have seen everything, here in the Perigord Vert, after the long walks from village to village.
But then, suddenly, in the curve of a road we are standing in front of a magical location.

We are inviting you to explorer one of these locations, 2 feet away from the campsite, called Saut du Chalard.

Le Saut du Chalard is 3km from the campsite, in the village Champs Romain.
The road signs are placed from the campsite until the waterfall, to indicate you the way.

You have more possibilities to go to this magical location, with the car, the bike or walking.
If you choose to go with the car, there is a parking possibility, at the beginning of the location.

The road which is leading until the waterfall is only accessible by feet.

After a walk of 30/ 45 minutes (this depends on your walking rhythm – hillside of 100m. - there are banks placed along the road), on a curving road which goes into the woods, you will finally discover the magical waterfall.

There is a legend existing among this waterfall :

This one says that, one of the church bells of the village Abjat is buried in the water of the Saut du Chalard, and that this one is ringing every Thursday at 14 O’clock. This legend goes back into the 17th century.

The local seignior falls totally in love into a young woman of Abjat. But, like in all good stories, the heart of the young woman was already taken by someone else. The seignior, totally in love, tries to kidnap her, but the village people won’t let him do this and they kill the seignior during the battle. To punish the village people, the Lord decides to let hang up these warriors and the church bells are taken out of the church.

One of the bells, falls of the chart during the transport, and ends his way in the river ‘la dronne’.

A second legend, which got also something to do with the Saut du Chalard, is that the young woman dies of grief, and that you can see her spirit waving around in the church tour of Abjat. This, since the first legend, found her bells back.

Anonyme source

To completely enjoy your walk, you can get the ‘discover book’ in the town hall of Champs Romain or in the Tourist information Office in Saint Pardoux. Of course you can also get some more information about this in our reception on the campsite.

Walk: among 2 hours, return, departing from Champs Romain

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