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Brasserie Artisanale de Saint Saud

Périgord is easy to associate with Bergerac wine, which goes very well with its gourmet specialties or sweet white wines that accomodate desserts and others. When we say Périgord, we think less about beer ... yet ... A few kilometers from the Château le Verdoyer, at the end of a nice walk of 45 minutes that can be done hiking in the woods ( or only 4-5 minutes by car), two Englishmen decided to install their brewery to produce beers with delicious flavors, as in their home pubs: the Brasserie Artisanale de Saint-Saud.

You will of course find these beers at the campsite shop, but do not miss the opportunity to taste their production at the brewery, set in a mill. Mike and Val welcome you with a big smile and will be happy to explain all the secrets of making their beers before you taste their variations. You can enjoy the blonde, the "black", the IPA or the Pale Ale with typical British flavors.

And if you do not want to lose all the benefits of your summer diet with a few beers, you can go for a walk to the brewery from the campsite. Between the ponds, the woods and the boviduc of which we have already spoken to you here, following the old railway track, it is a pretty walk which will allow you to evacuate pleasantly the undesirable effects of the beer!

To organize your visit, do not hesitate to ask us at the reception of the campsite. We will give you all the information and tell you how to reach the brewery walking or driving.

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