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The Apple of the Limousin

When speaking of apples, we immediately think of Normandy. But we should not forget the Limousin Apple (Pomme du Limousin is a protected name).

This apple is the queen of the village Lanouaille, surrounded by orchards and, of course, where the apple is an important point in the local economy. To pay tribute to the fruit, the municipality decided to dedicate a museum to it.

Opened in early 2000, the “Maison de la Pomme” is located opposite the mairie of Lanouaille.
You get in through the Tourist Office. Arranged on two floors, it shows the fruit in all its aspects. Its production and its transformation, to make cider for example, but also its role in our culture, the apple of Adam and Eve, William Tell or Snow White, as well as in European art.

The exhibition also opens on reproductions of famous paintings by Cézanne, Picasso and Magritte.

The whole visit is between reality and legend, presenting different stories or tales featuring the fruit but also its culture through the ages, its economic role and its different varieties.

The visit is fun, with tactile and olfactory experiences that entertain the children, so is ideal for a family visit (about 1 hour).

For more information, please contact the tourist office of Lanouaille: 05 53 62 17 82


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