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003 - Duck leg Confit (December 2014)

Confit of Duck Leg -for 4 persons : 4 raw Duck Legs – Cognac – 1 jar of Duck fat – salt and peppar

Keep the dish covered with plastic film for 24 hours in the fridge.

Fry the legs in a little fat, till they get a nice golden color.

Melt the remaining fat in a casserole.

Salt and pepper widely the legs. Marinate them in some Cognac.

Then rinse the legs.

Dry them also with absorbent paper.

and pour the legs in it.

Let it cook minimum 2 hours at 70°C.


The legs can be eaten right away but it is advisable to let them rest a few days before consumption.
Serve with a nice Bergerac Pécharmant.


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