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Sanitair grand confort !

Not so long ago the most important thing not to forget before coming to the campsite was the toilet paper roll.
Today, we sort this out for you. Our sanitary buildings are perfectly arranged and equipped ... see by yourself:

There are 2 sanitary buildings with toilets, showers and sinks in cabins for everyone: men, women, children, whether valid or disabled.

Showers are driven by a revolutionary and ecological system, especially for preventing too long showers or leaks. A timer programmed by computer saves hundreds of liters of water every day!

A comfortable wheelchair-adapted cabin in the unit above the bar: shower, toilet, stretcher and chair in a wide cabin is available for the disabled or elder guests, free of charge, of course.

Finally, a large area in both blocks is reserved for the children: baths for babies, elevated showers for somewhat elder children, different sizes of sinks or toilets ... all in a colorful decor.

For some years now, Château le Verdoyer offers individual sanitairs on its campsite pitches for rent : shower, sink and toilet for your use only. True comfort is there: not sharing it with other customers, not having to walk too long to "go" and, of course using without waiting! and last but not least : Each unit is equipped with a fridge !
But, do not forget the toilet paper roll ...

Since 2016: One of the individual cabins is now adapted for the disabled! ask us!


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