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There are a lot of free things during your stay at Kawan Village Château le Verdoyer!
We don't want your holidays to be like "open your wallet every minut," so did you know that:

Up to 5 years, you will not pay for your children!

Apart from tennis and bike rentals, all facilities & equipments are free: swimming pools, water slide, swimming pond, basketball, petanque or volleyball courts, ping pong or football ...
Enjoy the kids club without paying a cent.
Fishing also is without paying ... but no kill : thank you to return the caught fish into the water.

All musical entertainment and shows that we propose on the terrace of the Bar will not be charged. And we do not have the habit of "forcing" consumption. So you can enjoy the evening, dance, have fun ... it's a gift!
Sometimes a concert/dinner can be linked to a theme party at the restaurant, sorry ...

There is free WiFi at the reception and on the terrace of the Bar (no forced consumption).
And if you prefer the "paper", books are available in the bar ... read, change, read ...

The hot water in the shower, even though it is controlled to avoid waste, it is still ... Free! no tokens

Finally, our time is also included in the stay ... ask us what you want, we are here to help. We will serve you, advise you, propose you ...
And all this with a smile and the magic words, which are also free for everyone : Hello, please, thank you, you're welcome ...

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