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Coronavirus - CoVid19 - Actions !


At Château le Verdoyer, we are ready! It will be a wonderful summer with you.

At Château le Verdoyer too, we went through a complicated spring of doubts and fears. Unfortunately, we hear everything and anything, as soon as a leader of any country has a speech, we are then overfloaded with "fake news" or misunderstandings, each more anxious than the other.

But behind the clouds, however dark and threatening they may be, the sun will always shine.

At Château le Verdoyer, we are now open and ready to welcome you again. With great pleasure. Of course, we share your concern about the hygiene measures implemented this summer, and how we treated the "Covid-19 case". Your health is our top priority, and because we believe that holidays, especially these, should be real holidays, and that you must be able to take full advantage of our campsite, you will find below all the measures put in place to guarantee you the most peaceful stay.

I try to keep this page as up to date as possible according to government directives, the instructions of our corporation and, of course, our decisions that we then make ...


What the authorities expect from us:
  • Protect our guests & protect our staff
  • Establish and promote the distancing and application of the barrier gestures.
  • Instal Plexiglas-type protections, and provide masks, gloves, visors and Hydroalcoholic solution at several points of the campsite.
  • Regular cleaning & disinfection of places welcoming the public as well as any objects and equipment that can be touched / used
What we are going to set up:
  • Setting up posters explainig the barrier gestures.
  • Providing hydroalcoholic gel at points of sale
  • Providing masks and gloves to the staff as well as, if necessary, visor.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection with recommended products, following protocols approved by hospitals.
  • Reception: Installation of a Plexiglas. Use of a disinfectant / virucidal product for keys, CB machine etc.
  • Accomodations: Reinforced cleaning and disinfection protocol between 2 guests. You can ask us to take out before arrival : sheets, blankets & pillows. Mattress equipped by disposable protection, changed between each guest.
  • Sanitary facilities: Reinforced cleaning and disinfection protocol - Soap at the entrance to wash your hands – our washbasins are already in cabins – we might "close" a common dishwashing sink over 2 - closing areas for cleaning.
  • Restaurant and Snacks: Possibility of take-away and deliveries - reduction in the number of tables in the dining room and on the terrace - Presentation of the menus on board.
  • Shop: Delivery on pitch when requested.
  • Swimming pools: We will have less sunbeds (do not forget your own towels and may be some cleaning tissues), and, if necessary, encourage the shower of the Footbath.
  • Children's Playground: limit the number of children at the same time.
What we expect from you:
  • Respect the 5 Barrier Gestures: wash your hands (very) regularly - cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief - Use a single-use handkerchief and then throw it in the trash - Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing - Keep the 1.50m distance from others
  • Come with masks, gloves, wipes and hydroalcoholic solution - Please note, these masks, gloves and wipes must be thrown in the trash, not in the toilet and of course not in the nature!
  • For mobile home, chalet, etc. accomodations: bring your own pillows, sheets and blankets. Leave the windows open as often as possible, especially when leaving (depending on the weather).
  • For the Château Rooms: leave the windows open when leaving (depending on the weather).
  • Have a responsible attitude, respectful of the Other in good humor and courtesy!


Do you have symptoms, even mild, such as colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or fever and / or suddenly have a loss of smell or taste? Stay well in your accommodation and report to reception. Call 00-33 553 56 94 64


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