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Journey to the Porcelain country

Nestled in the Périgord Vert, Kawan Château le Verdoyer is also very close to Limoges, country of porcelain. 

Take advantage of your stay at Chateau le Verdoyer to discover all the secrets of this knowledge that Limoges has made famous throughout the world

Gate of the Limousin, the city of Aixe sur Vienne

is one of ten cities composing the Val de Vienne. In addition to its historical heritage, this dynamic city offers many quality exhibitions throughout the summer and many facilities in order to enjoy this green and gently undulating area. However, one of the most important aspects of this small town is the “Maison de la Porcelaine” where you can discover, in a typical “limousine style house”, the history and techniques associated with kaolin, that the Man needed several centuries to control. 

After seeing the craftsmanship of the porcelain in the workshops, you can admire beautiful pieces, made on site or in partner shops, and of course buy these at factory prices.

But, even though you’re in Aixe sur Vienne, it stays “Porcelaine de Limoges”

Limoges and Fire arts

The Arts of Fire (porcelain, enamel, stained glass) mark Limoge’s identity. Indeed, when we walk around the streets of the old city, porcelain and enamel display on the buildings, as in the shopping streets, including the Boulevard Louis Blanc, the shops offer a wide variety of porcelain for sale.

The place occupied by Limoges in the Porcelain industry is due to the Kaolin : an essential clay entering the porcelain process, discovered in the second half of the 18th century in the Limoges area. From that moment, the whole city economy was dedicated to the porcelain. And still today, Limoges and porcelaine are synonymous.

Visits linked to porcelaine are numerous in Limoges : see the « musée national de la porcelaine » or the former porcelain furnace in « les Casseaux », as well as the «  pavillon de la porcelaine » in the « musée Haviland » or the Bernaudaud factory.
Not to forget are the other aspects of the Limoges craftwork.

Thus, in the Saint-Michel-des-Lions and St. Pierre-du-Queyroix churches, it is possible to admire the quality of stained glass.

Whereas the enamel collections of the “Palais des Beaux Arts”, shows the quality of the carftmen’s work to whom we owe many religious objects from the 11th century known as the work of Limoges

Maison de la porcelaine
14 av de Président Wilson
87700 Aixe sur Vienne
Tel. : +33 (0)5 55 70 14 68
Sur Limoges et la porcelaine :
Musée national de la Porcelaine
Place Winston Churchill
87000 Limoges
Tél : 05 55 33 08 50



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