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Brantôme, an enchanting garden

In Brantôme, nestled in a bend of the Dronne River, you will be welcomed in a little paradise of flowers and greenery of 3 hectares.

“Les Jardings d’au-delà”, born from a man’s dream, offers a wide variety of plants, which are organised around different themes.

The gardens are outside the Dronne, in a meander of the river.
The garden is divided into several theme gardens, which you can visit following your own interest.
For example : the graven plane trees corner, the Italian inspiration or the Japanese gardens.

This little peacefull and green heaven, in an idyllic setting : the banks of the river, with the leaves of the trees offering a shelter whereby a dim light filters.

During your walk in this beautiful setting, you can enjoy a wide variety of flowers and plants, decorated to compile a maze of flowers and plants in various forms :  

  • a bower of roses-clematis-glycines,
  • belvedere cut in trees
  • or chess pieces made of boxwood.
All of them are equipped with fountains and benches in order to take the time to have a rest and enjoy.
So this extraordinary garden will invite you to a surprising and fascinating walk, using all these inspirations : French, Italian or Oriental.

For more information : www.jardindaudela.com





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