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Beginning of the Season



In late June and early July, the Land of the Regional Natural Parc Périgord Limousin, already takes care of you by offering many activities, within easy reachable distance of Kawan Village Château le Verdoyer.

Football: because it also is important, you can follow your favourite’s teams on one screen on the Campsite, but if it does not interest you ... 

Saturday, June 26: Feast of St. Jean. Many villages gather around a fire to celebrate the arrival of the summer, around which each danced and sang, invoking St. Jean for the crop protection ... so the next day they carried a burned branch in Saint Jean’s fire, to keep it at home to protect the home from fire and other disasters ... 
Features : in Abjat sur Bandiat, Champniers-Reilhac or Champagnac la Rivière 

Saturday 26 & Sunday, June 27:
Wine and Gastronomy Fair in Chalais 

Sunday, June 27:
Hiking and biking around Piégut Pluviers.


Occitan Walk in St. Auvent 
Family Walks in Saint Estephe 
Concert Amaryllis in the church of Abjat sur Bandiat 

Tuesday, June 29:
Producers market “en musique” in Champniers-Reilhac 

Friday, July 2:
Astronomy Evening: Conference on Constellations & walk in Abjat sur Bandiat 

Saturday, July 3:
Vide Grenier in Mareuil sur Belle 
Evening Cycle race in Saint Estephe 
Brazilian Evening: Capoeira, samba, percussion and Feijoada in Jumilhac le Grand
Sardinade in Champniers-Reilhac


Saturday 03 & Sunday, July 4th: Festival des Bandas in Rochechouart 
Day of Good Eating in Pageas 
Day at the Snail in La Coquille 

Sunday, July 4: Guided tour of "Jardin et Refuge Paysan" in Abjat on Bandiat 
Vide Grenier in Saint Estephe 
Vide Grenier in Saint Front la Rivière. 

Chateau Le Verdoyer: Day "Barbecue Country" : barbecue lunch, country music, family games ...
today marks the opening of the season! 

Monday, July 5:
Animated Tour of the Weavers Workshop and Charentaise Museum in Varaignes 
Farmers Market in Saint Estephe


Guided Tour and Game Track to Miallet 
Visit and tasting in the Bison Fram in Miallet

Tuesday, July 6:
Prehistory, archaeological Workshops in Teyjat
Farmers Market in Varaignes 
Giant Mikado and " imaginary Tree " Workshop in Miallet 

Wednesday, July 7:
Guided tour of "Jardin et Refuge Paysan" in Abjat on Bandiat 
Château le Verdoyer, free concert with the group : Mélody’s 

Thursday, July 8:
Animated Tour of the Weavers Workshop and Charentaise Museum in Varaignes


Saint Estephe : Animated Day "Café de Pays": Walk in Nature, Heritage and Delicacies ... to meet and explore the plants and their benefits ... a renowned ethnobotanist will tell you their stories and discoveries, during a walk that takes you to a church or a fountain ... the visit is free! 

Friday, July 9: Night of the stars in Thiviers 

Saturday, July 10:
Festival "The Green Guitars - Brazil" in Saint Saud: Mala Suerte 
Craft & Flavors: night market in Cussac 

Sunday, July 11:
Summer Market in Abjat sur Bandiat 
Discover the "Jardin et Refuge Paysan" in Abjat sur Bandiat 
23rd Day of Wood in la Chapelle Montbrandeix 

Monday, July 12: Animated Tour of the Weavers Workshop and Charentaise Museum in Varaignes


Farmers Market in Saint Estephe 
Guided Tour and "Imaginary Animals" Workshop in Miallet 
Chateau Le Verdoyer: Dinner with music ... 

Tuesday, July 13: Accompanied Gourmet Hiking in Dournazac 
Prehistory, Archaeological Workshops in Teyjat
Producers market “en musique” in Champniers-Reilhac
Bal Populaire on Bandiat Abjat 
Bal des Pompiers in Saint Pardoux la Riviere 
Fireworks in Brantome, St Pardoux la Rivière, La Coquille ... 

Wednesday, July 14: Château le Verdoyer: Free concert of the group “Don’t Forget” 
Vide Grenier in Rochebeaucourt 
Flea market, Vide Grenier and Wine Festival in Miallet 
Discover the "Jardin et Refuge Paysan" in Abjat sur Bandiat 
Walking in Piégut Pluviers 
Farmers Market in Dournazac 
Fireworks in Rochechouart, Piégut Pluviers, Jumilhac le Grand ...


Thursday, July 15: Château le Verdoyer : Circus 
Corsicans Concert in the church of Thiviers 
Festival "The Green Guitars - Brazil" Saint Front la Rivière: Children's show 

Friday, July 16: Night of the stars in Thiviers 
Festival "The Green Guitars - Brazil" to Jumilhac le Grand : Duo Romulo Goncalvez 

Saturday, July 17: Vide Grenier in Rochechouart 
Festival "The Green Guitars - Brazil" in Chalais: Masterclass Batukada, Capoeira, Hip Hop and Brazilian band “Do Fuba”  and other surprises

Sunday, 18 July: BabySki tour on the lake of Saint Saud



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