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Underground wonders

In 1940, 4 teenagers discovered a cave in the aera of Montignac. It quickly appears that this cave has unbelievably rich wall paintings that make it one of the high places of parietal art.

However, to preserve these very fragile paintings, the cave had to close to the public and a copy of part of the cave was created in 1983.

Since December, a new site reproducing the entire cave has opened : Lascaux IV. An unforgettable journey for your next holiday in the Périgord.


The previous reconstruction of the cave, did reproduce the rooms where we can admire the most beautiful paintings, whereas Lascaux IV proposes for the first time an almost complete reconstruction of the cave.

But above all, this time, the reconstruction is part of a real project devoted to parietal art.

Even before discovering the fac-simile of the cave, we are seduced by the superb building designed to fit in the hill thanks to its vegetated roof.

We then discover the high point of the visit with the facsimile which for the first time reproduces almost the entirety of the cave. The previous reconstruction stopped the visit on leaving the cave.

At Lascaux IV, the cave is only one stage. We then dive into a parietal art interpretation center that uses all modern technologies and scenography in order to make you discover in detail some of the cave's paintings, in order to link the parietal art to modern and contemporary artists or in order to give you a virtual tour of some of the other prehistoric caves that can be visited around the world.

More than a "simple" visit to the cave of Lascaux, the Montignac Lascaux Parietal Art Center offers you a real dive into prehistory and unveils all the secrets of rock art.


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