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Testimony of History

While going through green and thin landscape of Limousin, it’s hard to imagine that this area knew one of the most dramatic episode from the WWII in France.

During your stay in Chateau le Verdoyer, you should go in this center place of the French history.

In June 1944, only few days after the Normandy landing, while the French Resistance was on its climax, a waffen SS division decided to make an example in destroying an entire village called Oradour sur Glane.
In few hours 642 persons has been killed (shot or burnt alive in the church) and 328 houses has been burnt down.
In order to do not forget this terrible tragedy and to commemorate the victims of this massacre, this ghost village has been remained as in this day of June 1944.
To reach the ruins of this martyred village, you have to go through the memorial center of Oradour. A permanent exhibition tell us the different aspects of the war and about the history of the village (raised of Nazisme, introduction to Oradour sur Glane before the war, the story of the massacre, introduction to the ruins, and wishes of peace)
Do not forget to have a look at this place full of history and emotion, which give us the opportunity do not forget the bad moment of our past.

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