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Sorges, Museum of the "Truffe"

The small town of Sorges inaugurated in 1982 a museum dedicated to one of the greatest treasures of the Périgord: the truffle.

Recently renovated, this eco-museum offers now a visit, as interesting as playful, through the world of truffles, the black diamond of the Périgord.

This museum, housed in a traditional farm along the N21, has a very attractive set design, combining modern technology such as video and classic photos or information boards. 

Along a richly illustrated visit, you will discover the secrets of the famous Tuber melanosporum, the Périgord truffle. 

And of course you will get the opportunity to taste the fungus and purchase various products based on truffles.

After visiting the museum, you can visit the “truffières” you can find all around the museum walking the 3 km path, surrounding Sorges.

For more information about the museum of the truffle : www.ecomusee-truffe-sorges.com



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