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Local Producers & Partners... our Friends

Friends of Château le Verdoyer

Enjoy high-quality and fresh local products at Château le Verdoyer. We serve products from:
  • Les Bisons du Périgord – David SOULIE
Les Parcs – 24450 Miallet – Tel: 00-335 53 52 63 03
Member of Producers Association called Burgou. Open to visits and selling on the farm.
Buffalo meat, meals, sausages, but also leather products and objects.
Every year, in the last weekend of July they organise the Day of the Bison with animation, concerts, and meals.
  • La Ferme Gourmande – Martine & Henri SEEGERS
La Besse – 24470 Saint Saud Lacoussière - Tel: 00-335 53 56 64 60
[email protected]
Member of the "Bienvenue à la Ferme" association. Open for visits and tastings.
Honey and honey products, milk and chestnut jam, chicken-bases products.
  • Les Vergers d’Antan – Philippe FRANCOIS
Domaine Neuf – 24450 Firbeix - Tel: 00-335 53 52 89 41
[email protected]
Member of Producers Association called Burgou. Open for visits and selling on the farms.
Homemade fruitjuices, jams, vinegars and aromatics.
  • Château les Merles – Alain LAJONIE
Les Merles – 24520 Mouleydier - Tel: 00-335 53 63 43 70
Producing wine on 3 vineyards: Château Les Merles and Château Pintouquet in Bergerac, Château Bellevue in Monbazillac.
Free visits of the Vineyards.
  • La Safranière de Champs Romain – Pierre OUDOT
Moulin de la Valade – 24470 Champs Romain - Tel: 00-335 53 56 62 27
Produces saffron and derivatives. Open for visits and tastings at the "Moulin".
Open House in October, full season.


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